Delivery Update

Keep up to date below with the latest updates about what's happening on site with the Regeneration projects

03 MAY 2019

There's lots happening at Peach Place today as the new Mountain Warehouse signage has gone up and the Borough Mayor, John Kaiser, has been out on site for a sneak peek inside the new Sit & Sip tasting rooms which opens up at 5pm this afternoon .



29 APRIL 2019

This afternoon saw the opening of the new square at Peach Place with people now able to come in and have a look whenever they like and visit new businesses like Eden Lounge and, from Friday, Sit & Sip. You can now walk freely from Waitrose and Rose Street through to Peach Street and Bush Walk.





25 APRIL 2019

Work continues apace at Elms Field as the new play equipment starts to be installed ready for the summer when the fantastic new park reopens.



19 APRIL 2019

Today saw the opening of the new Cook store on Rose Street. With an excellent range of gourmet frozen food they will be a fantastic addition to the town centre.


16 APRIL 2019

Elms Field continues to move forward quickly with works happening across the site. Landscaping works are progressing quickly in the new park with footpaths beginning to be laid out across the site. Today also saw the arrival of some of the new play equipment which will be going into the exciting destination play area.

13 APRIL 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out to see how great Peach Place was looking at our preview day. Here are some photos for those who couldn't make it on the day.






09 APRIL 2019

Our new contractors CTS are busy this week finishing off works for Cook to open shortly and getting the everything ready for our Peach Place open day this Saturday 



03 APRIL 2019

There's lots happening at Elms Field at the moment as our contractors have started putting in place the floor slabs for the tiered seating in the new Everyman Cinema.


01 APRIL 2019

With the lower section of Elms Road now closed, work to landscape the fantastic new park and play area ready for the summer is moving forward quickly.

27 MARCH 2019

We're very pleased to welcome local independent record store Beyond the Download to Wokingham. They opened their new Peach Place store on Rose Street today and it's looking fantastic. Keep an eye out for more new business announcements soon.



20 MARCH 2019

This afternoon saw a major step forward at Elms Field with the opening of new roads Biscoe Way and Earle Crescent (partial) and the closure of the lower section of Elms Road


13 MARCH 2019

The date for the closure of the lower section of Elms Road, and the opening of new roads Biscoe Way and Earle Crescent (partial) has now been confirmed as Monday 18 March. You can find out more on our Latest News page  

11 MARCH 2019

Resurfacing works will be taking place today at the entrance to Biscoe Way. During this work there will be no access to the Council car park from Shute End. Blue Badge, visitor and staff parking will remain accessible from the Station Road entrance to the site.   

04 MARCH 2019

We've just installed signage at the entrance to the new road Biscoe Way which will be opening by mid-March. You can find out more about what's happening on our latest news page.


28 FEBRUARY 2019  

Work continues around the Aldi unit ready to hand it over for them to start their fit out in early March


18 FEBRUARY 2019

Landscaping works continue quickly as our Peach Place contractors install lots of new seating around the square ready for people to relax and enjoy the space.


13 FEBRUARY 2019

We've just announced the names of some of the great new independents who will be taking units in the new Peach Place development. Find out more on our latest news page.

07 FEBRUARY 2019  

Check out the latest photos from within the new square at Peach Place as our contractors make the final preparations to handing units over to their new tenants.



04 FEBRUARY 2019

Exciting times on site this morning as the Cook unit is handed over to the tenant ready to start fitting out and open soon. Keep an eye out for dates shortly.


01 FEBRUARY 2019

It's a snowy day on site but you can still find out about what's happening in the latest Elms Field newsletter  


29 JANUARY 2019

Preparations continue to get the new square ready for handing over to tenants as scaffolding comes down from the front of the Rose Street houses ready for the footway works which start next week.


28 JANUARY 2019

There is lots of work happening along Wellington Road at the moment as we make our final preparations to hand the Aldi unit across for fitout. With the store due to open this summer Aldi have already started advertising for new staff. Work is also going well on the new road around the park which is due to open soon and on the hotel which will be handed over to the tenant later this year.



25 JANUARY 2019

Hoardings are coming down along parts of the site as we prepare for the new road around the park to open soon and Aldi to take over their new unit. Opening of the new road around the park will allow our contractors to start works on levelling and landscaping the park which is expected to reopen this summer.


23 JANUARY 2019

Work continues to add the decorative detailing to the Peach Street retail block. We've had to restrict a section of the footpath whilst works take place but it will be reopened as soon as work completes.


18 JANUARY 2019

Work on the new Premier Inn hotel continues to move quickly with


11 JANUARY 2019

Landscaping works at Peach Place are progressing well getting the site ready to handover to businesses who are due to start fitout of their new stores in the coming weeks  


21 DECEMBER 2018 - 07 JANUARY 2019

Please note the Peach Place and Elms Field sites are currently shut down for the Christmas period. Works will resume in the New Year  

18 DECEMBER 2018

This morning saw the reopening of the Shute End car park, including additional blue badge spaces by the entrance and relocated visitor bays along the new road.  




14 DECEMBER 2018

The Shute End car park is a hive of activity today as final lining and surfacing works take place ready to reopen it on Tuesday December 18


06 DECEMBER 2018 

Cllr Philip Mirfin, Executive Member for Regeneration, and Mayor of Wokingham Julian McGhee-Sumner were out today welcoming our new tenants GAILs and Waterstones to the town.



04 DECEMBER 2018

This week the teams at Waterstones and GAILs have been putting the final touches to their stores ready for their grand openings.




30 NOVEMBER 2018  

There's lots of excitement at Peach Place today as we receive a visit from MPs Claire Perry, the Minister for Small Businesses and John Redwood. Both were on site to meet with the owner of the Leafy Elephant, a new independent gin bar which will be opening up inside the square and the manager of Wokingham's new Waterstones which is set to open the following week.




28 NOVEMBER 2018

Work continues to progress at Elms Field with the pavements outside Shute End in place and the site extended out towards Nuffield Health. 

You can find out more about what's been happening in the latest edition of the Elms Field Newsletter.




25 NOVEMBER 2018 

Another fantastic day at the Wokingham Winter Carnival with the GAILs Bakery team on hand to give a sneak peek of some of their delicious food



24 NOVEMBER 2018

People can enjoy strolling along Peach Street once again as the lane and footpath restrictions have been completely removed.


20 NOVEMBER 2018

There will be lots of work on Peach Street this week as the team prepares to remove the lane restriction on Peach Street and reopen the footpath at the end of the week.



12 NOVEMBER 2018

The steel frame for the new Everyman Cinema at Elms Field continues to take shape as works move towards the rear section of the site


08 NOVEMBER 2018  

Works started today to fit out the new Waterstones store in Peach Street ready for opening in early December.


06 NOVEMBER 2018 

Check out the latest photos from the Elms Field site where works continue to progress apace on both sides of Elms Road




31 OCTOBER 2018

The steel frame continues to go up quickly for the new shops and cinema along Elms Road

24 OCTOBER 2018

Construction of the new hotel and houses at the bottom of Denmark Street continues to progress quickly at Elms Field


18 OCTOBER 2018

Work at Elms Field continues to progress well with the steel frame for the cinema and the timber frames for the new houses at the bottom of Denmark Street starting to take shape.



16 OCTOBER 2018

We are very pleased to announce that Waterstones are the latest great retailer signed up to take a unit within our Peach Place development


10 OCTOBER 2018

There's excitement today as new tenants start preparing their stores ready to open for Christmas this year.   



05 OCTOBER 2018

Footpath works continue quickly this week as we start preparing the Peach Street units ready to hand over to new tenants who will be opening for Christmas this year.



Check out the latest photos from inside the new square at Peach Place, including the new window installed to 'open up' the end unit on Bush Walk.





Work continues to progress well on the new road passing through the Shute End car park



Many thanks to everyone who joined us this Saturday for a look behind the hoardings at our Peach Place and Elms Field open days




Join us this weekend (Saturday 15) at Peach Place and Elms Field for a sneak peek behind the hoardings as part of the Town Council's Wokingham Market Place Celebration and Heritage Open Day.



Find out more about what's been happening on site in the latest edition of our Peach Place newsletter 


With the last section of scaffold removed from the triple gabled building on Peach Street, keep an eye out for some exciting news about tenants coming soon.


31 AUGUST 2018

Find out more about what's happening on site in the latest edition of our Elms Field newsletter.


29 AUGUST 2018

Following a series of preparatory works at the start of the week, the Wellington Road footpath adjacent to the Carnival Leisure Centre has been temporarily closed to allow for the construction of a new drop off area. You can find out more about these works on our latest news section    

27 AUGUST 2018

We've just taken down even more of the scaffolding along Peach Street with the new triple gabled building decorative brickwork revealed. Work continues around the square and along Rose Street where the new town houses are also taking shape.





24 August 2018

Peach Place footpath works continue to progress well with shop fronts being installed along Peach Street and service / utilities works being carried on from where the Market Place works completed by Costa Coffee. Once this below the surface work is completed the footpath will then be resurfaced to tie in with the new space around the Town Hall.

Our contractors, Dawnus, will be making the changes to the Peach Street barriers tonight with through access to Broad Street back in place by tomorrow. Due to the limited width which can safely be reopened at this time, vehicles wider than 3m will need to continue to divert for the remainder of the originally planned four week period


20 August 2018

This week work starts on the Peach Place footpath adjacent to the Market Place.

To carry out works safely we've had to close off vehicular access to the section of Broad Street outside Costa Coffee and Boots to allow us to join up with where the Market Place works end. Our contractors, Dawnus, will be working hard to get this reopened as quickly as possible and hope to have this section reopened to cars in a week.

Unfortunately, due to the limited road width they will be able to reopen after the initial week, larger vehicles will need to continue diverting for the remainder of the originally planned four week period.


15 August 2018

Works will be taking place this week to reinstall the width restriction island and bells at the junction of Langborough Road and Murdoch Road (Wednesday August 15) and to make adjustments to the traffic island at the bottom of Denmark Street (Thursday August 16 to Saturday August 18).

Traffic management will be in place during these works to create a safe working zone but two way traffic will be maintained at all times.

08 August 2018

Works to deliver the new through road at Shute End continue to progress quickly. Don't forget that, if your visiting the Civic offices over the coming weeks, we've updated our handy Where to Park in Wokingham town centre guide with more information about parking at Shute End.


27 JULY 2018

We'd also like to thank our Elms Field contractors McLaughlin & Harvey. They've worked incredibly hard during the recent hot weather to make sure the lower section of Denmark Street and Langborough Road reopen to two way traffic several weeks earlier than scheduled.


27 JULY 2018

What a difference a few days makes! Work on the new road through the Shute End council offices car park continues apace


24 JULY 2018

Construction has now started on building the Council offices section of the new through road which links Shute End with Wellington Road. 30 minute maximum stay visitor spaces remain available in the lower part of the Shute End car park which is accessed off Station Road.


20 JULY 2018

Please note there will be some works taking place at Elms Field this weekend between the hours of 8am and 6pm on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July. These works are being carried out to help remove the current traffic restrictions from the lower section of Denmark Street and Langborough Road as soon as possible.

17 JULY 2018

Work continues to go well at Peach Street with additional scaffolding coming down and the new safe working area installed to allow Dawnus to start work on resurfacing the footpath in front of the new shops.



15 JULY 2018

Over the next week a range of preparatory works, including relining of the area around the pond, will be taking place in the Shute End Civic Offices car park. These works are to prepare for the 23 July when the eastern section of the Civic Offices car park will close to allow for construction of the new road linking Wellington Road to Shute End.

Visitor (30 mins maximum wait) and blue badge parking will still be provided on site during these works.  You can find out more about these works on our latest news page or download a copy of our latest 'Where to park in Wokingham town centre' guide which has been updated to reflect this closure.

09 JULY 2018

Works continue on Wellington Road this week as we install the access point where the new road through to Shute End will connect. The footpath will remain partially closed until Friday. Overnight lane restrictions will be in place from Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 July with traffic lights to maintain two way traffic. Works are being carried out overnight to avoid impact on the wider highways network.


06 JULY 2018

We've been out and about on site today with Cllr Philip Mirfin (Executive Member for Regeneration), Richard Nixon (Regional Operations Director at Dawnus Construction) and the local press to take a sneak peek at the great progress being made behind the scenes at Peach Place.





03 JULY 2018

With more of the scaffolding coming down this week you can start to see the new frontages to the shops along Peach Street. Here's a little reminder of what was there before and how it looks now.


03 JULY to 06 JULY 2018

Works will be carried out this week on the section of Wellington Road between Elms Road and the Carnival Roundabout. The footpath will be closed adjacent to the site in order for the new Premier Inn and Aldi access to be constructed.

Works impacting on the highway will be carried out overnight to minimise disruption to traffic. Signals will be in place to allow two way traffic flow.

22 JUNE 2018

Find out more about what's happening on site in the latest edition of the Elms Field newsletter and check out the latest view of the site from our camera.

You can also find out more about the works which will be taking place in the Shute End civic offices car park this summer as our contractors start to construct the new section of road which will link Wellington Road to Shute End.  

18 JUNE 2018

Find out more about what's happening on site in the latest edition of the Peach Place newsletter 

14 JUNE 2018

Over the coming weeks we will be taking down some of the scaffolding around Peach Place and will be starting works on laying the new footpath along Peach Street.



05 JUNE 2018

Work continues to progress quickly at Elms Field with foundations being laid for the hotel and foodstore and the new road around the park beginning to take shape.



25 MAY 2018

Check out some of the latest photos of how well work is progressing behind the scaffolding at Peach Place. 




22 MAY 2018

Work is progressing quickly along the lower section of Denmark Street with the earth bank removed and work extending into the highway.


18 MAY 2018

Don't forget that work starts next Monday (21 May) at the bottom of Denmark Street between the Carnival roundabout and the Junction with Langborough Road. This work is required to carry out essential utilities works and will also include the widening of this very narrow section of road and footpath.   

A one way traffic restriction will be put in place during this work with traffic able to travel northbound from the Carnival roundabout towards the library, car park (which remains open) and Langborough Road. There will be no through access from Langborough Road into Denmark Street.   

You can find out more about what's happening in our latest news section or on Work is expected to take up to three months.   

14 MAY 2018

There's lots going on at Elms Field as ground works continue across the eastern edge of the site.  


09 MAY 2018

Find out more about what's happening on site in the first edition of the Elms Field newsletter

05 MAY 2018

Work continues to progress quickly at Elms Field with a new controlled route to help construction traffic cross Elms Road safely. 


23 APRIL 2018 

From this morning a small section of Rose Street, adjacent to the Peach Place development, will be closed to traffic. The single lane restriction will be in place from the Rose Street width island to just past the Peach Place construction entrance.

This restriction is being put in place to allow pedestrians, and those requiring a dropped kerb, improved access along Rose Street. The restriction will be kept under review as works at Market Place and Peach Place progress  over the coming months.

Due to the small section of lane restriction involved, two way traffic flow will remain in place an will be managed with a priority give and take approach rather than traffic lights.


20 APRIL 2018

Work at Peach Place continues to go well with brickwork for the new buildings going up quickly. Here's some of the latest pictures from site showing progress in the new square and some images from inside the new commercial units and second floor apartments.





18 APRIL 2018

The new footpath is now in place to allow pedestrian access from Elms Road through to Shute End


12 APRIL 2018

Survey works continue as archaeological studies are carried out in the Paddocks car park



05 APRIL 2018

This week there has been lots of activity across the Paddocks site as work starts on delivering the new road which will eventually link Shute End through to Wellington Road.


29 MARCH 2018

Find out more about what's happening on site in the March edition of the Peach Place newsletter  

28 MARCH 2018

The weather this evening may be a little grim but it's looking pretty amazing at Carnival


28 MARCH 2018

Work continues to progress quickly at Peach Place with brickwork going up across the new buildings


26 MARCH 2018

The Paddocks car park has now closed but there is still lots of parking across the town centre. You can find out more on our parking page  


22 MARCH 2018

Don't forget that the Paddocks car park will be closed from midnight on Saturday 24 March. We've had surveyors out marking up across the site ready for works to continue next week.


19 MARCH 2018

Don't forget that the Wellington House car park and play area closes today.

You can find out more about where to park on our parking page or go to the Council website and use the Find My Nearest tool to find lots of local play areas close to the town.

14 MARCH 2018

There is lots going on at Peach Place as brickwork continues to go up along the Peach Street facade


01 MARCH 2018

It may be a snow day for many, but well done to our contractors who have continued their preparatory works despite the poor conditions


24 & 25 FEBRUARY 2018

Please note that there will be additional tree works taking place this weekend adjacent to the highway on Wellington Road and Denmark Street.

You can find out more about these works on our Latest News Page  

23 FEBRUARY 2018

Peach Place continues to move quickly with slates going up across the new gabled building


19 FEBRUARY 2018

Tree works continue across Elms Field, with protection zones being put up around retained trees


09 FEBRUARY 2018

There is also lots happening at the Peach Street site with the new buildings starting to take shape around the new square. Here are the latest photos taken from the on site cameras.



08 FEBRUARY 2018

Work continues to prepare the Elms Field site for construction to start this spring with the initial site compound taking shape on the lower Wellington House car park site.


02 FEBRUARY 2018

Elms Field preparatory works continue this week with contractors on site to carry out drainage surveys and exploratory ground works



29 JANUARY 2018

Find out more about what's been happening on site during January and what will be happening over the coming weeks in the January copy of the Peach Place newsletter

24 JANUARY 2018

The weather may be wet but work continues across Peach Place with ongoing steel installation and work to the four town houses along Rose Street.




17 JANUARY 2018

Work has been progressing quickly on site with the roof beams for the gabled building in place, the ground floor commercial spaces coming together and the Metsec steel sub frame going up across Peach Place.




11 JANUARY 2018

With the main steel frame in place, work continues to install the smaller subframe for the new shops and apartments along Peach Street


08 JANUARY 2018

Keep an eye out this week for surveyors around Elms Field and the Paddocks this week as pre-construction works continue across the site.

02 JANUARY 2018

Dawnus have started back on site this week and work is progressing well behind the hoardings.

21 DECEMBER 2017

Work has been progressing well at Peach Place with the gabled roof starting to take shape, the foundations going in for the new Rose Street town houses and a new site camera installed to give an improved view across the site.

You can also download a copy of the latest Dawnus Peach Place newsletter here.

Here are some of the latest images




15 DECEMBER 2017

Here is the latest photo looking across to Rose Street showing how the new units are starting to take shape



Thanks to everyone who came along to check out our open day on Saturday. We opened up the route from Bush Walk through to the Bradbury Centre so people could come see how work was progressing and visit the Wokingham Methodist Church Festival of Angels at the Bradbury Centre. 



28 NOVEMBER 2017

Work has begun to prepare the site for our open day on 2 December. We are also preparing the area along Rose Street ready to start work on the four new townhouses.



22 NOVEMBER 2017 

The site continues to change with a new base layer across the square


15 NOVEMBER 2017

Work is continuing to move apace across the Rose Street side of the site


06 NOVEMBER 2017

Here are some photos showing how work on the units fronting Peach Street is progressing  


27 OCTOBER 2017

First floor scaffolding and structure work contines to be installed along the Peach Street side of the site. Work is also progressing well on the Rose Street side with the concrete floor slab having been laid for the commercial units facing into the new square.



23 OCTOBER 2017

Department for Transport 'Stopping up of Highways' Made order notices have gone up around the Elms Field site today as part of the pre-construction works. These notices are part of the process which will allow the route of Elms road to be moved to the western edge of the new park. The existing section of Elms Road will be dug up and becomes part of the new park layout.

You can view a copy of the notice, order and plan during normal opening hours at Wokingham Post Office, 16 Broad Street, Wokingham, RG40 1AA

20 OCTOBER 2017

Two views from the webcam showing how work is going to scaffold the buildings along Peach Street at first floor, and construct the steel frame on Rose Street.



18 OCTOBER 2017

You can read a copy of the latest Peach Place newsletter from Dawnus here.

17 OCTOBER 2017

Scaffolding works continue across the site this week.


10 OCTOBER 2017

 Work to demolish and cut back the frontage of the former Boots Opticians building on Rose Street continues preparing it to be reclad and extended as part of the new development.


02 OCTOBER 2017

Scaffolding has started to go up around the steel frame in preparation for the buildings to start going up over the coming months



Survey works continue across Elms Field this week as work starts on a series of ground investigations.

Work includes digging test pits and boreholes to test ground conditions and drainage. Individual areas will be fenced off whilst surveys are undertaken before being reinstated.

The Park and Car Parks will remain open throughout the works.


Here are some more photos from across the site showing how work is progressing well. We're currently replacing the roof above the Costa and Superdrug units as part of our facade improvements work, have been building the steel frame for the units by the Brdbury Centre, and have been laying the foundations ready for the new unit tripple gabled building next to the Redan.



15 SEPTEMBER 2017  

Work continues on laying the first floor slab above the shops at Peach Place



Scaffolding has also been installed on Rose Street to allow the front of the building to be cut back and replaced over the coming months. Don't forget that the businesses formerly housed in these units have relocated elsewhere within the town centre. J Strange Jewellers to Bush Walk and Boots Opticians to Market Place.

The temporary footpath closure will remain in situ for safety whilst the demolition works are completed, however new scaffolding will be installed later on allowing for the footpath to be reinstated whilst the facade is rebuilt and extended with a brand new corner unit.


Work at Peach Place is going well with the new square starting to take shape as the steel frames are built for the surrounding units



30 AUGUST 2017

Work started today on producing a detailed topographical survey of the Elms Field site which includes the Paddocks car park, Wellington House car parks, play area, Park and Shute End council offices site. The survey is expected to take around a week to complete and forms part of a variety of pre-constructions works being carried out over the coming months. We will be keeping people updated about these preconstruction works on the Elms Field Delivery page.

Please note this topographical survey work is non invasive and will not impact on users of the park or car parks which remain open as usual.

29 AUGUST 2017

Scaffolding has been going up over the weekend around Costa and Superdrug to allow for work to the frontages of these units. Both businesses remain open for business as usual. Work is expected to be complete and scaffolding removed in early December.


23 AUGUST 2017

One one side of the new square work to install the metal deck flooring progresses quickly and, on the other side of the new square, work has started to install the steel structure for the buildings that will be joing the development to Rose street.



14 AUGUST 2017

Here is a photo of the metal deck flooring being installed in the new buildings fronting onto Peach Street.


10 AUGUST 2017

Work on the attenutation system has gone well over the last week with the pipework now covered over. Netting is now going up across the steel frame in preparation to lay the metal deck flooring.  


04 AUGUST 2017

Here is the latest photo from Peach Place showing how the new square is starting to take shape.

 In the foreground you can see the large attenuation tanks being installed underneath the new Square.


27 JULY 2017

The planning application for Carnival Phase 2 has now been registered. The full set of documents can be viewed on the councils website by searching for application number 172012 or in hard copy at the Shute End Planning Desk. 

Copies of key documents and plans can also be viewed in the Shute End Mall Gallery, Town Hall Information Centre, Carnival Pool Leisure Centre and at Wokingham Library. 

People have until Friday 15 September to submit their comments on the scheme as part of the statutory planning process. 

20 JULY 2017

Check out our latest update photo showing just how quickly the steel frame is going up at Peach Place



11 JULY 2017

Installation of the Peach Place steelworks continues apace



03 JULY 2017

Work starts this week on building the steel frames for the new buildings at Peach Place. Keep an eye out here for photos showing progress over the coming weeks

27 JUNE 2017

Cllr Stuart Munro and Cllr Philip Mirfin went on site this morning to find out more about what's happening at Peach Place in their new roles as Executive Member and Deputy Executive Member for Business and Economic Development and Regeneration.





20 JUNE 2017

Foundation work continues across Peach Place


15 JUNE 2017

This morning saw the opening of the new Carnival multi-storey car park. You can find out more about the town's car parks on the council's website.

The new car park operates a number plate recognition system where you pay on exit rather than when you arrive.  Visitors to the Carnival Pool Leisure Centre may claim a refund of up to two hours free parking.  



12 JUNE 2017

With the lane closure now removed Peach Street is now fully reopened alongside the development. Luckley Path will remain shut for safety whilst the opposite footpath is closed.


09 JUNE 2017

Final preparations are taking place ready for the removal of the Peach Street lane restriction for Monday 12 June. There will be an overnight road closure of Peach Street from 10pm Sunday 11 to 6am Monday 12 of June to remove the safety bollards. You can find out more on the latest news section of the website.  


05 JUNE 2017

 The new Carnival multi-storey car park is due to open on Thursday June 15. The new access road has been completed, there's brand new signage at the entrance to the site along with recently cut back greenery to improve visibility when leaving the site, and work has already started to fit out the brand new Wokingham Superbowl unit. Here's a sneak peek of what to expect.





02 JUNE 2017

Work continues to install wooden hoardings along Peach Street in preparation for the lane restriction to be removed for June 12.


30 MAY 2017

Overnight works are scheduled to take place on the Carnival site this evening to re-surface part of the existing access road adjacent to the pool and Burger King. These essential works are part of final preparations ready to open the new Carnival multi-storey car park on the 15 June. 

As the work will require the temporary restriction of access to the site it needs to be carried out outside of the normal working hours of the businesses on site including the Carnival Pool, West Forest Gate and Burger King.

Neighbouring residents have been notified in advance.

22 MAY 2017

With the main demolition out of the way work has started on constructing the new properties which will face onto Peach Street and into the new square.

Monday 22 May saw the first pour of concrete on site ready for steelwork to start going up in mid June. 

17 MAY 2017  

 Dawnus have now taken control of part of the Marks & Spencer car park adjacent to the site. This will allow them to carry out further archaeological investigations, final demolition works and commence construction of the new units along Peach Street.


16 MAY 2017

Work has been carried out to cut back greenery around the entrance of the Carnival site in preparation for the car park opening next month.

Brand new signage will also be installed shortly to highlight the businesses on site.


09 MAY 2017

Advanced warning signage has gone up along Rose Street today.

Work starts in Rose Street next Monday (May 15) to connect the Peach Place development to the drainage network. Work is expected to take up to six weeks, with temporary lane restrictions in place where trenches are dug. Works are being carried out in sections to ensure two way traffic can be maintained along Rose Street throughout this period.  

08 MAY 2017

Contractors have started preparing the former John Wood Sports unit in Market Place for a brand new tenant, Boots Opticians.


05 MAY 2017

The archaeologists have been out on site again looking at the history of Peach Place.

Today they had some extra guests from the Wokingham Society and some of our local Residents Associations.



04 MAY 2017

Work to remove floor slabs and foundations of demolished buildings continues across Peach Place


28 APRIL 2017  

Carnival Phase 2 proposals were published today for public engagement.

You can find out more about them and how to comment on the engagement page of the website


28 APRIL 2017

Cladding of the new Carnival car park continues as part of the work to complete the main construction.


25 APRIL 2017

Work continues to clear the site now the main demolition has been completed



15 APRIL 2017

With scaffolding and netting along Peach Street removed the extent of demolition works on site has now been revealed. Work continues to finish demolition and party wall works across the site.

11 APRIL 2017

Scaffolding along Peach Street has started to come down as the demolition of the upper floors has been completed


05 APRIL 2017

The new Carnival multi-storey car park is really taking shape ready for completion end May. Work continues to finish installing cladding and brickwork is starting to go up around the concrete stair and lift cores. Check out the photo below showing the view of the car park from the bridge and the view from near the pool entrance which is beginning to look just like the original architects impression CGI.


And the original CGI


22 MARCH 2017

Demolition works ramp up today as work begins to take down the buildings along Peach Street.


Dawnus has also started work on creating a new vehicle access for the site to enable lorries to enter and exit the site safely during the demolition works. A dropped kerb has already been installed and the new entrance will be created by removing part of the brick wall adjacent to Rose Street.

A temporary footpath closure will be in place whilst this work is completed and the footpath should be reopened by next week. Pedestrians should cross to the other side whilst the footpath is closed    


21 MARCH 2017

This afternoon a group of local Wokingham Borough Council and Wokingham Town Council Members went on site to view progress at the Carnival car park.

Here are some photos showing how work is progressing and how the cladding is being added to the steel frame.





16 MARCH 2017

Here is the latest time lapse camera footage for Carnival. We've also installed cameras at Peach Place so keep an eye out for our first footage later this spring.



13 MARCH 2017

Work on the new multi-storey car park at Carnival continues to progress well with the wooden cladding starting to go up on the steel frame.

10 MARCH 2017

Demolition of the old 1960's block along Peach Street is moving forward quickly with removal of asbestos well underway and shop fronts being removed.

The photos below show the former Clintons unit and the Arcade where walls are being removed as part of the ongoing preparations for the major demolition works to start the W/C March 20.


09 MARCH 2017

Check out the latest Dawnus Peach Place newsletter.

27 FEBRUARY 2017

The Peach Street single lane closure, and closure of Luckley Path, started this morning. Peach Street will remain reduced to one lane for 15 weeks until early June. No diversion route has been put in place as Peach Street remains open to all traffic.

The closure will allow us to complete preparatory works and then start major demolition from the 20 March.


20 FEBRUARY 2017

We've updated the Peach Place delivery and programme page to include details of the approaching lane closures and demolition phase works.  

13 FEBRUARY 2017

Work continues to progress well at Peach Place with the Peach Street footpath closure put in place this morning.

This closure is part of the preparatory works for demolishing the units along Peach Street and will allow for the stripping out of the shop units and frontages. The demolition phase will also see the Peach Street lane adjacent to the units close on February 27, scaffolding go up in early March, and main demolition works start March 20.


10 FEBRUARY 2017

Check out the latest footage from the Carnival time lapse camera

03 FEBRUARY 2017

Construction continues at the new Carnival multi-storey car park. The picture below shows the view of the top deck of the car park. The car park is due to open in May 2017. 


25 JANUARY 2017

We're having a bit of trouble with our website this week so please bear with us.

Yesterday the Council announced the signing of Aldi as the foodstore operator for Elms Field. For further information see our press release on the Council's main website here. We also released further information on the works at Peach Place, including more detail on the planned lane closure. For more information see our press release on the Council's main website here.

Earlier this week Cllr. Mark Ashwell joined Richard Nixon, Operations Director from contractor Dawnus, on site at Peach Place to see the early progress on site for himself.


11 JANUARY 2017

Here's some latest photos from the Carnival site where work on the new car park is progressing well with the steelwork taking shape and slabs going down to show the different levels 




10 JANUARY 2017

Tuesday 10th saw Balfour Beatty take some time off from building the new multi-storey car park at Carnival to go visit the Evendons School.

Ivor Goodsite had lots of fun talking to local children about the work going on at the Carnival site and about safety issues on construction sites.


09 JANUARY 2017

Work formally started at Peach Place this morning with the handover of the site to Dawnus Construction Ltd.

The Rose Street car park has now permanently closed but there is plenty of alternative parking in the town centre. You can find out more about locations on our Parking in Wokingham page

We've also installed images and signage around the Dawnus site office in Bush Walk and the empty units in Peach Street to remind people about what we creating and the different phasing of the Regeneration works across the town centre.





03 JANUARY 2017

There's lots of visible changes to Wokingham's high street this week as the final businesses in units affected by the redevelopment of Peach Place start to move out and hand back the keys to their units. 

Over the past five years, the Council has worked closely with a range of new local businesses, start-ups and community groups to make sure there has been lots to see and do in Wokingham's town centre. The approach to these regeneration lets has worked well with many of the businesses who took on short term leases for Peach Place units, working with the Council's support to find permanent homes within the town centre.

In addition to those who have already relocated such as Sanpa, Helen & Douglas House, Vitality Health Care, MAC the barbers and Dragon Nails, you will also see a few more names re-launching elsewhere in the coming months as they finalise leases and complete fit out of their shops. 

In the short term we will be using the windows of the empty units, and the Dawnus site office on Bush Walk to share a range of information and images about the Peach Place scheme.  

16 DECEMBER 2016

Here's the latest photo from on site at the Carnival Pool where work on the steel frame and floor is progressing apace


13 DECEMBER 2016

Preparations to start work at Peach Place on 9th January are going well, with the former Domino's Pizza unit currently being converted into Dawnus' site office. Signage has also gone up around the Rose Street car park to remind people that it will be closed from midnight on the 8th January and all cars must be removed before Monday 9th January.


06 DECEMBER 2016

Watch the steel frame going up at high speed in our November footage from the Carnival time-lapse camera


30 NOVEMBER 2016

Work on the new Carnival Pool multi-storey car park is progressing really well. Here's some new photos showing how the steel frame is going up on site



21 NOVEMBER 2016

Wokingham Borough Council has confirmed the appointment of Dawnus Construction Ltd as main contractor for the delivery of Peach Place.

You can find out more on the latest news page of the website

18 NOVEMBER 2016

Check out the first footage from the Carnival Pool time-lapse camera which shows what's been happening on site from June to the end of October.


17 NOVEMBER 2016

With the central stair and lift core in place work has started on constructing the steel frame for the new Carnival Pool multi-storey car park.



02 NOVEMBER 2016

Work continues to go well at the Carnival Pool site with the central stair and lift cores starting to be installed.

Check out the latest photos taken on site, showing the core being craned into place this morning.




24 OCTOBER 2016

Exciting designs for the new Elms Field play area have been published as part of a public engagement event. Local people have until Sunday November 13 to submit their comments. Find out more about the designs and how you can comment on the Engagement page of the website.

11 OCTOBER 2016

 Work to refurbish Bush Walk has completed with a soft colour palette used for decorating within the Walk and signage marking this listed walk having been rehung in Market Place.  


Further success for the Regeneration Team as Wokingham Borough Council receives the only Commendation in the 2016 RTPI South East Awards for Planning Excellence in the Economically Successful Places category  

26 September 2016

Piling of the main foundations has now completed and work has begun to complete the foundations, pour concrete and erect building cores over the next few months.

15 September 2016

Over the next few days the Council will be carrying out some footfall monitoring within the town centre.

Cameras have gone up to help count visitor numbers on Thursday 15th and Saturday 17th September. This is the first of several counts which will be conducted over the coming years to monitor footfall numbers before, during and after the regeneration projects are delivered.

9 September 2016

The scaffolding has come down at Bush Walk to reveal the recently refurbished frontage onto Market Place.

Redecoration work on the listed walk continues over the coming month.

22 August 2016

 New viewing windows and information boards have gone up around the hoardings at the Carnival Pool to allow people to find out more about what is happening on site.

10 August 2016

Check out some of the latest photos from the Carnival Pool site visit when Cllr Mark Ashwell, Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration, came to have a look at the new piling rig in action.

20 July 2016

Ground works continue to progress well at the Carnival Pool site ready for foundation work in August.

6 July 2016

Council receives confirmation of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for Peach Place as part of the ongoing preparations for starting work in early 2017.

You can view the CPO documents on the website on the Peach Place project page

4 July 2016

Work on the new car park at the Carnival Pool is progressing well with site hoardings in place, initial ground works started and as series of archaeological surveys underway.

30 June 2016

Process of securing a Highways Stopping Up Order for Elms Field commences with the Department for Transport.

24 June 2016

Scaffolding has gone up around Bush Walk as part of a programme of maintenance and repair work over the summer. Bush Walk will become one of the key routes linking the improved Market Place to the new Peach Place square. 

All Bush Walk businesses remain open as usual throughout the works.


6 June 2016

Phase 1 of the Carnival Pool Regeneration started today with the closure of the car park .

Initial works include the creation of new disabled parking spaces directly outside the leisure centre entrance, the setting up of Balfour Beatty's site facilities and the eventual fencing off of the car park to prevent access to the site.  

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