Elms Field Delivery and Programme

Key Dates

This table will be updated with key dates as work progresses. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, dates relate to construction works as opposed to individual tenants opening dates.




Planning Consent granted (153125) 

06 April 2016

Stage 1 procurement of build contractor

Spring - Summer 2017 (COMPLETE)

 Stage 2 procurement of build contractor (McLaughlin & Harvey now appointed)

Summer 2017 - late 2017 (COMPLETE)

pre-construction works on site  (ongoing works in preparation for main construction works. Including surveys, investigations, archaeologoical studies, site clearance, arboricultural works etc)

Summer 2017 - mid-March 2018 (ONSITE)

Completion of DfT Highways Stopping up order process

07 December 2017 (COMPLETE)

Handover of site to McLaughlin & Harvey and closure of the open space, play area and Wellington House car parks

Monday 19 March 2018 (NOW CLOSED)

Closure of the Paddocks Car Park  

From midnight on Saturday 24 March (NOW CLOSED)

Commencement of main construction works on site  (see below for a plan showing the different phasing areas)

Mid-March 2018 (ONSITE)

Area M1 

Northern retail block, cinema and apartments above retail  

March 2018 to end 2019 (ONSITE)

Area M2

Southern retail block wrapped round the foodstore, apartment above and houses at bottom of Denmark Street  

March 2018 to autumn 2019 (ONSITE) 

Area M2

Utilities and highways works to the bottom of Denmark Street. Requires a closure of lane adjacent to site between the Library and Carnival roundabouts   

Closure to commence from 21 May 2018. Work expected to take around 3 months (ONSITE)

Please refer to the press release for further information 


Area M3

Aldi foodstore   

Including temporary footpath closure and overnight highway works to construct the road entrance along Wellington Road 28 June and W/C 02 July 18

March 2018 to spring 2019 (ONSITE)


Please refer to our neighbour letter for more information   

Area M4

Premier Inn hotel  

March 2018 to late summer 2019 (ONSITE)

New Elms road around park

The existing lower part of Elms Road will remain in place until the new route around park is completed  

Including temporary footpath closure and overnight highway works to construct the road entrance along Wellington Road W/C 09 July 18

March 2018 to end 2018 (ONSITE)



Please refer to our neighbour letter for more information  

New extension road to Shute End and reconfiguration of car park  

This section will link Elms Road through to Shute End.

Works to construct the new extension through the Shute End civic offices car park are expected to commence this summer. During this period there will be reduced parking available on the civic offices site

Open on completion of project  


Works commence 23 July 2018 and will take around 12 weeks (October).  

Please refer to the press release for further information.

New park

Including destination play area, landscaping and utilities for events  

Open late 2019

David Wilson Homes Residential

Houses and apartments around the park and along new extension road  

Early 2019 to end 2020

Complete main phases on site 

From 2019 

Phasing Plan

The following image shows the different areas



Main Works

In September 2017 work started to deliver the Elms Field proposals.

Due to the nature of the work it is expected the work will be phased and developed in stages, with early works including the creation of the new road around the edges of the park, which needs to be completed before the existing Elms Road access is closed.

The council has now appointed their contractor, McLaughlin & Harvey, and has started programming in a range of pre-construction and construction works over the comining months in preparation for main construction in mid-March. 

The Council are curently working up the detailed programme for Elms Field. This will include details such as the timing of the new road and park/play area, the phasing of any car park closures or restrictions, and when different elements, such as the hotel and foodstore, the northern commercial block with the cinema, and the different residential elements will be completed

It is expected that individual elements can be phased carefully and opened once completed rather than at the end of the project.



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