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Elms Field Preparatory Work

Wednesday 29th June, 2016

With the Council due to start on site at Elms Field in late spring 2017, there is still lots going on behind the scenes getting everything ready for this date.

In addition to carrying out further surveys and ground investigations, the Regeneration has now taken the next step in preparing for starting work and has submitted the Highways Stopping Up Order for the Elms Field proposals to the Department for Transport.

The Stopping Up Order would allow for a variety of highways improvements to be delivered as part of the Council's regeneration proposals, such as the widening of the road and pathways at the bottom of Denmark Street, improvements to the roundabouts and junctions, and creation of a new through route from Elms Road to Shute End.

The Order would also allow for the eventual closure of the bottom part of the existing Elms Road which, following completion of a replacement route round the edge of the park would be dug up, planted and landscaped to become part of the newly designed open space.

As part of this process site notices will be on display around Elms Field, with copies of the notice published in the local newspaper and available to view at Wokingham Post Office on Broad Street.

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