Wokingham Borough Council has carried out lots of research and studies on the town, its retail offering and what the town would need in the future. It consulted with residents on how these facilities could be provided and where they should be placed within the town centre.

Town Centre Regeneration Project Brief

When the Council decided to move forward with their plans for Wokingham Town Centre, they consulted with local stakeholders and residents on the principles and priorities for local regeneration

The result of these conversations was the Town Centre Regeneration Project Brief, produced by the Council's regeneration team, which has been used to guide the proposals coming forward for Wokingham.

The Town Centre Masterplan

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) has developed a Town Centre Masterplan, supporting local and national planning policies and setting out guidance for how the town will change in the coming years.

It provides a long-term vision for the future of the town centre, building upon policies in theWokingham Borough Core Strategy which focuses on the need to regenerate the town centre. The Masterplan is used to assess all planning applications for new development in the town centre.

You can access further documents on the Wokingham Borough Council website that documents the progress of the regeneration scheme since 2011.

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