Changing text size

To change the text size of our website:

  • Select 'View' in the toolbar of your web browser
  • Then select 'Text size' and choose from the list of options

Navigation short cuts

On pages with lots of information you can use the following keys on your keyboard to aid navigation:

  • 'End' to take you to the bottom
  • 'Home' to take you to the top of the screen
  • 'Page Down' to scroll the page down one screen
  • 'Page Up' to scroll the page up one screen

Printer Friendly

You can print our website pages using the 'Printer Friendly' button, in your website browser, which will remove the top bar and left hand navigation.

Alternative attributes on images

The images in our site use alternative or 'alt' attributes which are alternative text descriptions for the image.


Our site contains links to other websites, other pages within the site and PDF documents. We use an appropriate description to highlight these links so a screen reader can be used to read out just links.


For those who have difficulties using a mouse you can use the 'Tab' to navigate through our website. This is designed to highlight the page links in a logical order.

Screen readers

If your have a visual impairment please use your screenreader software to navigate our website.

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