Carnival Phase 1 Delivery and Programme

Key Dates

This table will be updated with key dates to reflect the most up-to-date programme




Planning consent granted (O/2015/1056)

05 August 2015

Main works started on site  

6 June 2016 (COMPLETE)   

Drilling and piling of foundations     

August - September 2016 (COMPLETE)  

Piling and pouring of concrete

October - November 2016 (COMPLETE)

Erection of cores for stairs and lifts 

October - November 2016 (COMPLETE)

Erection of steel frame  

November 2016 - February 2017 (COMPLETE)

Cladding and fitting out of car park 

November 2016 - May 2017 (COMPLETE)

Overnight re-surfacing works to part of access road (work needs to be completed outside of Burger King, Carnival Pool and West Forest Gate opening hours as will restrict access to site)

late evening May 30 through to early morning May 31 (COMPLETE)

Complete main works on site 

end May 2017 (COMPLETE)

Final testing and preparation for opening the car park

end May to early June 2017 (COMPLETE)

formal opening of new car park    

15 June 2017 (NOW OPEN)

Additional site works and landscaping (final planting works to be carried out later in year to avoid summer season)

Late summer to late autumn 2017  (COMPLETE)

Opening of new Superbowl  

15 November 2017  


Main Works  

On 6 June work started to deliver the new multi-storey car park and ground floor leisure unit.

The new car park opened in mid June 2017 following initial soft testing and preparatory works.


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