A business-friendly town centre

We believe that Wokingham already offers a unique retail experience and that the regeneration proposals will enhance the town centre for all businesses.

The proposals create an attractive retail mix for the town, strengthening the independent and attractive offering in the town centre as well as increased space for the market. It will also create better areas to hold special events throughout the area, and bring people into the town.

The regeneration will help us stand out from our larger neighbours such as Reading and Bracknell with a unique offering that highlights the character of Wokingham. We want to see a mix of larger names and stores together with niche and independent retailers. It will also help the town attract the quality of retailers that want to be in the town, but are prevented from doing so due to lack of floor space or unit size.

The new proposals:

  • Provide a better range of shops and allow us to create a better balance between national and niche retail outlets
  • Will bring the daily footfall back to the town to support our retailers and make sure the town centre remains sustainable and successful
  • Provide the right sized, flexibly-designed, modern retail units
  • Deliver an improved leisure and entertainment offer and reinforce the 18 hr economy
  • Support business growth and job opportunities
  • Create more opportunities for year round specialist markets and community events.
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